Eucalyptus 20ml
Eucalyptus 20ml

This essential oil is specifically designed to create a fresh and healthy environment for your animals. It enhances the bedding and so the entire enclosure of your beloved animals!

Our eucalyptus has a warm and fresh sent, that is not pungent for the animals.


In the water to prepare the ReptiBlock bedding; we advise:

30 to 40 drops on a 4,5 kilo block

15 to 22 drops on a 2,5 kilo block 

4 to 5 drops on a 550 gram block

To re-wet the bedding; 5-10 drops in a liter to spray on the ReptiBlock bedding.

Some proven facts about eucalyptus, why you can enhance your bedding in a good way;

1 air freshener - cleans the air -

2 helps with respiratory problems

3 lowers stress levels

4 insect repellent (mites and lice)

5 works as a disinfectant 

6 boosts the immune system 

7 good against muscle pains and joint problems

8 fungus repellent